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Partner Cmg - Thermoform und Extrusion

CMG, over 30 years of experience in the design and production of granulators as well as dust-removal systems and single-shaft shredders.

CMG Granulators
The CMG SpA products include Granulators and single-shaft Shredders.

The range of shredders and granulators, unique for its versatility, includes numerous models for fine granulation of recovered materials and provides in terms of capacity and quality different models to satisfy all requirements for reducing the size.

The CMG granulators and single-shaft shredders are designed with attention to the recycling efficiency, reduction of noise and energy consumption and guarantee a high quality production of the re-ground material.

These are specificaly efficient for grinding wastes from injection moulding, blowing, extrusion and thermo-forming processes and can satisfy the demands for size reduction for the recovery and recycling of all plastic, wood, paper, cables, film, fibres and fabrics, tyres, components for motor cars and hospital wastes.

The CMG equipment also include system for conveying and filtration of KA air, for separating and removing the dusts from the *rimacinato by releasing filtered air into the work environment.