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FRIMEC-SEDELeader in the design and manufacture of industrial cooling and refrigeration systems and in the installation and design of refrigerating plants.
FrigomeccanicaFrimec – Frigomeccanica was established in 1967, the company’s core business focused immediately on the design and construction of refrigeration and temperature control plants, supporting plastics manufacturing (injection moulding, film production etc etc).
In 1980, after the initial development of production processes and the identification of areas for experimentation and technological research, the Company ventured into the European market, purchasing the new headquarters in Ponte San Marco (Brescia) in 1984.
The success achieved in international markets pushes the Company to further diversify and complement the production activities towards other different sectors, since 1988 in relation to the Drying plants supporting plastics manufacturing

In 1991 Frimec – Frigomeccanica started exporting to many non-European countries, by providing a structured network of technical and commercial support in all the countries where its main customers operate.

Since 1992, the company specialises in the production of special refrigeration plants for other sectors such as: food, space industry, laser and oenological.

In 2009 the new headquarters in Nuvolento (Brescia) was completed to offer additional possibilities in response to the increasing demand, especially in new areas that in the meantime had become strategic, such as the beverage industry and internal bubble cooling film extrusion (IBC) sector

Aware of the preciousness of the energy resources and of the need to reduce power consumption of its plants,
the company has always encouraged the research and development centre to find new environmentally friendly solutions.


The new cooling refrigeration units central MKevo or MKevo FreeCooling are the result of over 40 years of experience in refrigeration and modern technologies, both in terms of design in the use of modern materials.
They are designed for outdoor installation in order to use ambient air as an energy source for cooling process water during periods when weather conditions allow an efficient thermal exchange with them.
The micro controller process compares the outside air temperature with the set temperature for use, and controls special automatic valves which govern the passage of water through water-air exchangers rather than through refrigeration circuit.
This solution clearly allows the saving of energy normally necessary for the operation of compressors often for substantial periods, for furnishing the required temperature and with respect to the prevailing climatic conditions on site. Experience gained over the years and the different categories of applications allows us to estimate energy savings of up to 90% compared with traditional consumption



For processes that require control of temperatures up to 30°C to 300 °C water or oil,temperature controllers were devised that permit rapid heating through high input of heat , and use an automatic control of temperature with a capacity to adjust the power of the heating, using synthetic or siliconic diathermic fluids with a high degree of flammability approx. 500°C

The temperature is constantly controlled by an appropriate cooling water system.
Regulation of the desired temperature is through two minimum and maximum contacts, the former stops the electric heating and the latter inserts the cooling circuit offsetting increases in temperature due to thermal inertia of the mold and the lamination temperature of the printed materials.